Three Kings

#1 Bestseller in Transgender Romance

A polyamorous modern-day fairytale filled with magical flora, cozy romance, and Icelandic folklore…Ethan Shaw—lighthouse keeper and local witch—lives a charmed life in his chilly, coastal hometown. Blessed with a flourishing garden and a stable livelihood, Ethan can’t complain. But when his husband, Captain Peter Vásquez, brings home a wounded leopard seal after an impromptu storm, Ethan is faced with a curious situation: caring for a lost selkie named Nico Locke.As Ethan struggles with the possibility of being infertile, insecurities surrounding his marriage, and a newly formed magical bond with a hostile, handsome selkie, his comfortable life begins to fracture. But could breakage lead to something better?With autumn at their heels and winter on the horizon, Ethan, Peter, and Nico test the boundaries of a new relationship, shared intimacy, and the chance at a future together.Content Note: explicit sexual content, off-page transphobia, sex pollen, themes surrounding infertility, early stage pregnancy

Cover Illustration by M.E. Morgan

Old Growth Alchemy Tea Partnership

Tea Notes: Spiced / Chocolate / RichCaffeinated Tea BlendMade in collaboration with Freydís Moon, Three Kings is a rich decadent brew for some cozy reading companionship to their book of the same name. This blend has a strong black tea base with cacao husk which combine to smell and taste like a decadently baked chocolate treat! Star anise joins with vanilla as a nod to the seductive Skúffukaka Ethan makes with a sweet dash of cinnamon. And orange ties it together like the ssnow plum that holds all so much of Ethan’s hopes in the story.